Our General Contractor Process


Initial Meeting- Whether its in-home or by phone, our first meeting is to go over the details of your project and establish a budget that we can both agree on. If you have a budget we can quickly let you know how we can help you. If you don't,  we can help formulate one. (Please refer to our SERVICES page to help determine a budget)

Design-Some projects require little to no design work however there are projects that require specific in-house drawings or by a licensed architect. We handle each of these situations individually and in some situations a design agreement may be necessary. 

Selections- Once we have established budget and agreed on a design; the next step is to make selections. Your selections will help us pinpoint an accurate estimate for your project. 

Agreement-Once an agreement is made, we require a deposit to execute. In that agreement, we include start and end dates as well as a payment schedule. 

HOA – If an HOA is present in your community, approvals may be required for exterior alterations prior to applying for township permits. 

Permits- We apply and pay for all permits. We submit a receipt to homeowner for reimbursement. 

Pre-Construction Meeting- We typically start projects on a Monday. We schedule a pre-construction meeting the week prior to introduce the carpenters to the homeowners. During this meeting we go over communication and the schedule. Initial payment is collected at this time. 

Payment- Our payment schedule is outlined in our agreement and checks are collected each Friday during production. We can accept credit cards. 

Change Orders-Changes orders are paid as they are agreed upon.

Punch List Items- Our goal is to not have any punch list items however if there are items that need attention we asked for them as they are discovered. 

Wrap Up Meeting- After the township approves your final inspection and our client signs off that work is completed to their 100% satisfaction; we collect final payment.